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Real Haunted Encounters from Guests

Room 400 Encounters
  • Upon walking into the room I felt my throat tightening. I used the ghost equipment to look for spirits, but they found us.
  • Flashlights turned on and off, the REM Pod went off at 3:30 am and was going crazy, and a man and kids were playing drums.
  • Heard people talking to each other on the elevator, but when the doors opened, there was no one on the elevator.
  • I was heading down to the casino from my room and I saw a guy at the top of the stairs. He had a black and white suit on and just stared at me. As I got closer, he faded.
#228 - Before bed, I went through my purse, then zipped it up and placed in on the nightstand. We heard a loud crash, turned on the lights and my purse was on the floor turned upside down, and my glasses were in the middle of the room.
#246 - I heard children laughing in the empty room next door.
#250 - I took my tennis shoes off and placed them next to the table. When I woke up, my tennis shoes were in the middle of the room and then I watched the bathroom door close on its own.
#252 - Upon entering my room from the bathroom all the bed pillows were on the floor.
#254 - My parking pass disappeared and then reappeared. My lotion emptied itself on the nightstand. I felt like I was spinning when I walked in the hallways.
#255 - When we came back to the room, there was a hand towel folded on the toilet seat. The second time we returned, there was a towel on the edge of the tub. In the morning the cover to the toothbrush was removed.
#257 - We videotaped the room and saw several orbs floating around, then one zig-zagged into the closet.
#258 - When I woke up in the morning, my prescription glasses were on the floor in the middle of the room.
#260 - My cell phone was on the side of the bed and suddenly lit up and app icons started moving around on the phone.
#261 - I fell asleep with the TV on. I woke up to turn it off and found the remote under my shirt on the floor. I picked up the remote and turned the sound down, but left it on. When I woke up, I found the remote back on the floor under my shirt.
#263 - While doing a room check, a Binion's security officer heard someone telling him to go away.
#267 - As I was sleeping, I heard a cup fall to the floor in the bathroom, then I heard several loud noises, like a book falling to the floor. Then the old fashioned phone rang, but there was no one there.
#268 - People were arguing in the next room, but the front desk confirmed that the room was vacant.
#269 - My husband walked into the room and started feeling dizzy and nauseous and started crying (not typical). I stood by him and my arms started tingling and my hair stood on end. Everything was normal after that.
#270 - We saw a shadow in the bathroom, but there was no one there. We also felt something hit the bed twice while resting.
#273 - I was sitting on the bed and I felt a person sit next to me, but I couldn't see anyone.
#277 - While watching YouTube videos of Hotel Apache's paranormal activity, my computer bag, that was securely placed on the table, hit the floor with a bang.
#279 - When we walked into the room our trash can was missing, but after returning to the room it was back. We went to sleep, but I woke up because I felt someone touch my face, but there was no one there.
#280 - I heard furniture moving back and forth in the next room.
#281 - We could hear people running up and down the hallway, but no one was there.
#282 - Could hear someone trying to open the windows in the next room but no one was staying in that room.
#284 - My shaving kit was in the middle of the bathroom floor when I walked in.
#286 - The first night of my stay, every time I walked into the bathroom there was makeup spatter in the sink.
#287 - While in the room, we were touched several times and the closet door would randomly open. My pant leg was tugged on in the restroom near the Front Desk.
#308 - The latch on the bathroom cabinet kept opening no matter how many times we locked it.
#350 - We heard stomping and banging all day and night from the 4th floor. We asked the clerk if there was a 4th floor and he said, "Only room 400 and it is not occupied".
#352 - I kept smelling a light, sweet, floral perfume scent, but I hadn't sprayed anything.
#355 - I was sleeping and thought I heard the TV go on. I woke up to look, but it was not on.
#356 - As a joke, I wrote "Get Out" on the mirror in the bathroom and then took a picture of it. When I looked at the photo on my phone, there was a ghost figure in the mirror.
#359 - I heard a man talking in my room, but I was the only one in the room.
#363 - We walked into the room and it smelled like someone took a shower, but no one was in the room. This happened twice. The second time the bathroom door was closed. At 3:00 am, my 7 year old woke up to someone breathing on his face.
#365 - Our phone chargers were unplugged and moved and our towels were dropped onto the floor in the middle of the night.
#366 - It felt like someone touched my face while I was sleeping.
#367 - I took photos of my room and there were several orbs in the photos.
#369 - We saw shadows of children run across the room.
#370 - Our 1st night my husband felt someone taking their fingers down his back. He looked over and I was sound asleep. The 2nd night we put the chain on the door, but it was off when we woke up the next morning.
#371 - I kept seeing shadows moving from corner to corner.
#372 - While getting ready I laid my clothes out on the bed and got into the shower. When I got out, I grabbed my pants and they were wet. Nothing else was wet except for the pants. I was alone in the room.
#373 - At 3:20 am, I heard a knock and a ping and all the lights came on in the room.
#377 - About 2:00 am, I heard noises in the hallway. When I looked out I thought I saw a faint silhouette of a lady, but then it was gone.
#379 - I heard loud knocking on the door next to mine. When I opened my door, there was no one there.
#380 - Our thermostat started clicking on and off. After returning to the room that night we heard coat hangers slamming against each other. The next morning I commented about how much money to take and a woman's voice quietly whispered "Why?", we knew we were sharing our room with someone. When we fell asleep that night an older gentleman's raspy voice said, "Let me tell you something." We will definitely be back, loved the experience.
#381 - While sitting on the bed I felt someone playing with my hair, then I heard a man laughing.
#382 - I saw a female figure sitting at the end of my bed, I thought it was my friend, but she was sleeping.
#383 - I kept my makeup bag in the bathroom the entire time. I woke up one morning and it was on the floor at the foot of our bed.
#385 - I heard a drawer opening and shutting at 3:00 am in a room above me. At the time that floor was not being rented.
#388 - At 1:30 am, I was lying in bed and felt someone walking across the mattress at the foot of the bed. It happened twice in 15 minutes. The next day, at about the same time, my wife was awake and felt the same thing.
#389 - At midnight I heard the drawer next to the bed open and close. A short time later I heard tapping on glass. Outside the room I heard a woman's voice, then a man's voice calling for "Mac". Then it was silent.
#397 - We were on the bed and suddenly a watch fell off the nightstand. We then saw the lights in the bathroom flicker. We checked the bulbs, but they were all tight and working fine.